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The Picture Frame Company is a family of picture frame and art related businesses founded in Saline, Michigan in 1988 by the Bowe family. Our company consists of:



The Picture Frame Company Online Frame Shop

The Picture Frame Company Online Frame Shop provides convenient, elegant solutions for all of your framing needs at surprisingly affordable prices. We offer an extensive variety of ready made and custom cut frames for everyday use and special occasions. We also offer mats made to order, framing and hanging supplies, great photo frames, and specialty items for the artist and collector. We take pride in fulfilling and shipping your order as quickly as possible.

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM EST
Email our customer service manager, Gretchen Grossman, or fill out our Contact Form


The Picture Frame Company Art Installation Hardware Store

The Picture Frame Company Art Installation Hardware Store provides solutions for all your art installation needs at very reasonable prices. We offer a complete array of professional grade hardware and supplies - including screws, anchors, hooks and wire - so that you can hang your artwork, mirrors, signage and wall decor. We also offer security hanger kits, parts and accessories for the installation of your valuable or at-risk pieces. We take pride in fulfilling and shipping your order as quickly as possible.

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM EST
Email our customer service manager, Gretchen Grossman, or fill out our Contact Form


Saline Picture Frame Company

We opened our original store in 1988 in downtown Saline, Michigan. After ten years we outgrew our space at 109 E. Michigan and purchased our current building, the former Otto's Cheese Shop, in 1998. Sara Bowe is the managing partner at our Saline store where she also oversees our commercial framing operation. Sara has been framing since the Carter administration, is a Certified Picture Frame, and is a talented frame designer. Along with complete custom framing services, our Saline store carries a fun and eclectic selection of gifts and accessories, ready made frames, framing hardware, and offers our unique "Mats in a Minute" while you wait mat cutting service.

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM EST; Saturday 10:00AM - 4:00PM EST
7641 N. Ann Arbor Street
Saline, MI 48176
(734)429-3352 phone
(734)429-7254 fax
Email our managing partner, Sara Bowe, or fill out our Contact Form


Dexter Picture Frame Company

To expand the business and capitalize on two decades of success in Saline, we opened our Dexter store in 2007. The shop is a warm and inviting space that is situated in a Civil War era brick building which once served as a meat locker. The shop is under the guidance of managing partner Mary Bowe who is a Certified Picture Framer and has more years of framing experience than she likes to admit. In addition to complete custom framing, ready made frames, framing supplies and our "Mats in a Minute" service, the Dexter store is filled with original art, jewelry, cards, Motawi tiles, Pewabic pottery, and unusual gift items. The Dexter location also houses The Side Door Gallery.

After 10 years in Dexter, we decided to join our colleagues back in our Saline location and close the Dexter store. Our Dexter customers have followed us and have continued to support us. 


The Side Door Gallery

The Side Door Gallery is our our display space for showcasing the work of our area’s many talented artists and artisans. Annexed to our Dexter retail shop, the gallery houses rotating exhibits in all media. For a schedule of what’s showing in the gallery, click here



The Outlet Cellar

The operations of two busy retail shops and two high volume online stores generate an amazing number of overruns, returns, miscuts and miscalculations. To manage this surplus of accumulated treasures, we launched The Outlet Cellar in August 2011. Located in the stone basement of our historic Dexter shop, The Outlet Cellar is a bargain hunter’s paradise. Appealing to anyone with an interest in frames and framing, the cellar especially appeals to artists, art teachers, do-it-yourself framers and other enthusiasts who appreciate high quality goods at very low prices. In The Outlet Cellar you can find framing tools and equipment, packing supplies, foamcore, mats, length molding, original and reproduction artwork, more than 1,000 frames, and miscellaneous odds and ends - all at up to 90% off. Because the cellar is part of our production space, The Outlet Cellar is open just one day each month. 

Our Outlet Cellar is now closed. We are located in Saline and do not have the space we did in our Dexter location 

The Picture Frame Company Commercial Services

The Picture Frame Company Commercial Services division offers volume framing and on-site installation services for institutional, government, corporate, retail, and other commercial customers. Our clients include the University of Michigan, M-Den, Akamai , and Terumo. We have the capacity to handle very large orders, to drop ship, and to advise on art selection, placement, and product development. We work hard to meet your needs in creative and cost effective ways.

(888)292-2323 or (734)408-1066
Email our Commercial Services manager, Peter Bowe, or fill out our Contact Form


The Bowe Consulting Group

The Picture Frame Company's three partners - Pete, Sara, and Mary Bowe - share nearly 100 years of experience in the picture framing business. Professionals in art and design, production and installation, product development and customer service, the Bowes represent a rich resource on all matters related to framing. Available to help you map out your project, answer your unusual questions, or execute your special vision, The Bowe Consulting Group provides tailored consultation services to clients with unique needs. Please submit inquiries to Pete Bowe.

(888)292-2323 or (734)408-1066
Email Peter Bowe of the Bowe Consulting Group, or fill out our Contact Form


The Picture Frame Company in the Community

We are a local business with deep roots in our community. Part of our mission is to be a contributing member of that community. Unfortunately, there are always many more worthy causes than there are resources. As a business, we concentrate our efforts by helping local groups with a focus on:

  • Fighting Local Hunger: We have adopted Food Gatherers as our primary charity because we believe fighting hunger in our own backyard is essential and because Food Gatherers is a highly effective organization run by great people. Our annual Circle of Art benefit is our biggest charitable effort.
  • Art Education: We like art teachers and try to support them as much as possible. One of the most fun parts of our recycling effort is the donation of extra materials to art teachers. If you are an art educator feel free to stop by or drop us an email and we will add you to our distribution list for mat scraps and other good stuff.
  • Local Initiatives: Nearly twenty-five years as small business owners have taught us how interconnected a local economy is. We support groups like Think Local First which supports local business rooted in our community; Waste Knot which supports business recycling efforts in Washtenaw County; and The Arts Alliance which encourages partnerships and exchanges between local artists and arts organizations.
  • Donation Requests: If you represent a local organization or cause that is looking for support you can download our Donation Request Form. Let us know what you need and we'll see if we can help. We are particularly interested in creative solutions that take a fresh approach to local problems.