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Bowe Consulting Group

The Bowe Consulting Group

The Picture Frame Company's three partners - Pete, Sara, and Mary Bowe - share nearly 100 years of experience in the picture framing business. Professionals in art and design, production and installation, product development and customer service, the Bowes represent a rich resource on all matters related to framing. Available to help you map out your project, answer your unusual questions, or execute your special vision, The Bowe Consulting Group provides tailored consultation services to clients with unique needs.

Frame Shops

  • Frame Shop Design and Set-up
  • Equipment Selection
  • Training
  • POS Set-up
  • Pricing & Financials
  • Web Site and Ecommerce
  • Vendor Reviews


  • Frame Design and Sourcing
  • Packaging and Shipping
  • Installation
  • Website & Ecommerce


  • Art consultation
  • Product development
  • Art Installation & Transport

Please submit inquiries to Pete Bowe:
(888)292-2323 or (734)408-1066
Email Peter Bowe of the Bowe Consulting Group, or fill out our Contact Form