Circle of Art

Turning Art Into Food
Circle of Art Crowd

May 18th, 2014 marks the 10th Circle of Art benefit for Food Gatherers. The Circle of Art is a party, a project and a group effort by artists and art lovers to help fight hunger where we live. Simply stated, a bunch of artist donate small works of art, Saline Picture Frame Co. mats them all and hosts a party, lots of people come to the party and bid on the art and then Food Gatherers uses the money raised to feed hungry people.
Over the last nine years hundreds of generous artists, established and emerging, have donated more than 3800 small works of art. The money raised from the sale of these little pictures, sculptures, fiber works, jewelry and more has enabled Food Gatherers to provide almost 200,00 meals to local people in need.
In the greater scheme of need and generosity, almost $140,000 is a modest amount but we find it impressive. This money is raised small picture by small picture - the generous gifts of creative work from the artists in our community. A 6x8 watercolor can be a wonderful thing in many ways with a worth hard to calculate. At The Circle of Art that small painting can be displayed, appreciated, find a loving home and provide more than a month's worth of nutritious meals for the hungry.

COA2011 02Food Gatherers is the beneficiary of all the money raised at Circle of Art and, after working with them for the past eight years we continue to be impressed by the work they do. More than just a food bank, Food Gatherers is a quiet, efficient and creative force for good in our community. They work behind the scenes with more than 150 local agencies to deliver food aid to those on the margins of our community. Their Community Kitchen is a wonder, converting and preparing surplus food, training disadvantaged youth in the food service trade and delivering meals to programs all over the county. Their support of community garden projects takes the idea of food delivery a big step past the basic food rescue model.
We invite you to visit the Food Gatherers website to learn more about the depth and breadth of their work. Even better, visit their warehouse at Carrot Way and see for yourself how amazing this organization is. You can also make a direct contribution