T-screw Anchor
Anchors for Tscrews

SA16 - 100 Pack - 10-12 Plastic T-Screw Anchors


Ribbed plastic anchors for light duty anchor application.

  • Ribs prevent turning in pre-drilled hole
  • Split ends expand for secure hold
  • For use with #10 or #12 screws 1" to 1-1/2" in length
  • 1-1/4" Length
  • Working load limit: 23 lbs. shear in drywall, 250 lbs. shear in concrete.
  • Not intended for overhead use
  • Anchors may be blue or white

Load capacity is a best case guideline. Actual use depends on wall type and condition, hardware installed on frame, and the angle of the picture. We recommend caution when choosing anchors. It is good practice to use anchors and fasteners with a capacity much greater then the weight of the art being hung.