Heavy Duty Cleats for Heavy Picture Frames

HH70 - 1 Pair - 12 inch Heavy Duty Cleat

  • Our Frameware, Inc. heavy-duty cleats are made in the USA from 0.06 extruded, mill-finish aluminum.
  • Holes are 4" apart on center, which allows for multiple points of attachment on artwork and walls.
  • Oval holes allow for leveling adjustments and will accommodate up to a #10 screw.
  • Typical installation uses 3 #6x1/2" screws to attach cleat to picture frame and 3 #8x1 1/2" screws plus anchors to attach the second cleat to the wall.
  • Generally, cleats should be at least 4" narrower than the picture being hung. This allows for easy centering as the picture frame can be shifted back and forth.
  • Pictures hang flush to the wall with approximately 1/4" of space.
  • When hanging very heavy pieces, a second pair of cleats can be used at the bottom of the picture frame for additional support.
  • Cleats can be used with locking t-screws for a highly effective security installation.
  • Cleats are commonly used to install hard-to-hang items such as heavy mirrors, signage, and headboards.